Tagliacocci, Gaspard

Tagliacocci, Gaspard
SUBJECT AREA: Medical technology
b. 1546 Bologna, Italy
d. 7 November 1599 Bologna, Italy
Italian physician, surgeon and anatomist, first exponent of plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgery techniques.
He studied at Bologna University and took his degree in medicine at the age of 24. He was later appointed Professor of Surgery and of Anatomy. In his writings he appears to have preceded some of the work of Paré and gives a detailed account of rhinoplasty facilitated by the deployment of strips of skin. He also described a type of artificial eye resembling Paré's ekblepharon. His surgical skill appears to have been highly regarded by his contemporaries.
1598, Chirurgerie Nova de Narium, Aurium, Labiorum que Defecta per Institutionem Cutis ex Humero, arte hactenus omnibus ignota sarciendo, Frankfurt.
Further Reading
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